Swimming goggles

ZAGANO swimming goggles are made of high-quality materials, thanks to which they are characterized by increased resistance to the influence of adverse conditions, e.g. the action of chlorine. The ZAGANO online store offers childrens swimming goggles as well as universal swimming goggles for adults. Multicolored swimming goggles can be selected according to individual preferences and tastes - not only will they look stylish, but also ensure the comfort and freedom of swimming and diving in the pool. See what models of swimming goggles we have prepared for you!


Okulary pływackie

ZAGANO offers children\ swimming goggles, as well as universal swimming goggles, which, thanks to the adjustment of the silicone strap, can be freely adjusted to the shape and size of your head. The presented swimming goggles are made of high-quality materials, incl. polycarbonate lens or silicone strap. ZAGANO swimming goggles are characterized by a structure resistant to tearing or chipping, thanks to which they guarantee their repeated use. Available in various color options, the swimming goggles are less prone to fogging, so they offer a clear and transparent image, which will be especially useful when diving. The polycarbonate lens also guarantees 100% protection against harmful UV radiation - glasses made in this way will work well not only in a closed pool, but also in an open pool or while diving in other water reservoirs. Swimming goggles available in the assortment of the ZAGANO store are available in various shapes, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Some swimming goggles are additionally equipped with an adjustable nose piece as well as an elastic and adjustable clamp. ZAGANO swimming goggles will provide not only visual comfort when swimming underwater, but also increased swimming efficiency.